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Our Favourite Skull Silver Ring

  • Large Evil Skull ring

    £ 275.00

    Large Evil Skull ring

    ref #27

    24.3 x 28.9mm - 39 g.

    Worn by METALLICA's James Hetfield & Cliff Burton, hand carved by Mr Armand Serra in 1983. This item is made from the original master carving. 100% guaranteed!

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  • Wounded knee skull ring

    £ 235.00

    Wounded knee skull ring

    ref #935

    28 x 25mm - 33 g.

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Skull silver ring: rebellion with a cause for elegant art

The skull silver ring can make a statement. It’s a skull silver ring that makes a different statement to different people. The skull silver ring attracts an appreciation of its symbolism – a skull silver ring symbolic of the rebel.
Thanks to Crazy Pig Designs, the rebel of the skull silver ring now has a distinctive cause. Individually handcrafted, officially assayed and executed in the finest of detail, these rare examples of the skull silver ring have raised the symbol to the status of art.
As befits such an iconic symbol, the skull silver ring comes in a wide range of designs, weights and sizes, each as elegant as the next skull silver ring. And just as you’d expect of such meticulously crafted pieces, you won’t find another skull silver ring quite like it anywhere else.
To wear such a skull silver ring makes your own personal statement loud and clear – rebellion in the cause of art and the skull silver ring’s art as the symbol of rebellion.