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Our Favourite Skull Jewelry

  • Lemola Skull ring

    £ 215.00

    Lemola Skull ring

    ref #20

    23.5mm x 24.2mm - 26 g.

    Back by public demand ...Originally made by Armand for Lemmy of Motorhead....hence the name Lemola.

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  • Bones ring 1 (large)

    £ 140.00

    Bones ring 1 (large)

    ref #259

    30 x 7.5mm - 11,5 g.

    size V only

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Skull jewellery takes on an elegant, polished finish in gold and platinum

“Skull”, “jewellery” and fine gold or platinum are words you only rarely see woven together. Skull jewellery from Crazy Pig Designs, though, proves the artful elegance of the unorthodox. Skull jewellery is more than something merely different; skull jewellery is a definition of unique.
Designed, hand carved and poured in the studio’s own workshops, skull jewellery takes carved symbolism to a higher new level. It’s a level designed to show off elegant skull jewellery in fine yellow or white gold or platinum. Even then, it’s a level surpassed in the bespoke range of special skull jewellery that can be ordered as a one-off, with settings of diamonds, emeralds and similarly precious stones.
Every item in the collection of skull jewellery – that ranges from rings to bracelets and pendants to necklaces – is a gem in itself.
Skull jewellery gives you miniature works of art that you’ll be proud to wear, with the confidence of skull jewellery polished and finished to elegance.