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Our Favourite Skull Rings

  • Large Evil Skull ring

    £ 275.00

    Large Evil Skull ring

    ref #27

    24.3 x 28.9mm - 39 g.

    Worn by METALLICA's James Hetfield & Cliff Burton, hand carved by Mr Armand Serra in 1983. This item is made from the original master carving. 100% guaranteed!

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  • Mini Evil skull ring

    £ 215.00

    Mini Evil skull ring

    ref #740

    15.2 x 19.4mm - 15 g.

    also in small #471 & large version #27

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Browse all our Skull Rings

Browse all our Skull Rings

Skull rings – jewellery that will make you recoil in awe and wonder

Sported by rich and famous rock musicians, jealously guarded by bikers, skull rings are in a league of their own. Symbols of strength, symbols of revolt, or symbols of the ultimate leveller, skull rings can be awe and wonder in the eye of the beholder.
You might have seen skull rings before – but nothing to match the range, sophistication and sheer artistry of the skull rings from Crazy Pig Designs. From the classic “Yorick” skull of gravedigger fame, to a imaginatively carved bird skulls, these are skull rings with a decided difference. Weighty, bold and raw as the best of them, but skull rings crafted from the finest yellow or white gold, and platinum.
Where the larger and thicker is the heaviest best of skull rings, you’ll especially wonder at the mighty limited edition “Evil” skull rings, of which there are only a guaranteed number of 500 specimens worldwide. These are skull rings which even rock musicians hold in awe.