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Our Favourite Silver Skull Ring

  • Manic mechanic ring

    £ 215.00

    Manic mechanic ring

    ref #831

    10.2 x 9.7mm - 17,5 g.

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  • Plague skull ring

    £ 260.00

    Plague skull ring

    ref #88

    24.75x 31.42mm - 37,5 g.

    Worn by METALLICA's Cliff Burton, hand carved by Armand Serra in 1983. This item is made from the original master carving. 100% guaranteed!

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Silver skull rings: classic and uniquely handcrafted variations on a theme

You don’t need to be a biker or a rock musician to covet a silver skull ring; silver skull rings are among the most popular of all fashion accessories.
But then there are silver skull rings and there are silver skull rings. Classic means they have been around long enough for there to good and not-so-good examples. Why settle for a second best silver skull ring, when you can buy or give a uniquely handcrafted silver skull ring in meticulous accuracy and detail?
Top of the range silver skull rings can also come in yellow or white gold and platinum, too, for a final flourish on a classic theme. Created entirely by craftsmen within our own workshops, each silver skull ring is sent to the official Assay Office in London where the metal is formally hallmarked. Only then are the silver skull rings – or their gold or platinum cousins – released for sale.
Silver skull rings are as distinctively classic as the people who wear them.