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Celtic jewellery – entwining mystery and esotericism in timeless works of art

With designs that weave together the mysterious and the esoteric, celtic jewellery has a centuries-old tradition. The essential patterns might have withstood the tests of time, but celtic jewellery remains intricate and challenging enough to bear modern reworking.
And this is just the way in which Crazy Pig Designs approaches the art of celtic jewellery. Whilst incorporating timeless elements of the design, new pieces of celtic jewellery are created in the company’s own workshops. Every step along the way of that creative process is kept in-house – from design, initial carving, creation of the mould, pouring of the fine metals, to the final polishing of the emerging celtic jewellery.
The timelessness, mystery and esotericism seem embedded in the very precious metals used to create this unique collection of celtic jewellery. It might be the silver or gold that fashioned so much of the celtic jewellery of the past, or it could be the still more precious metal of platinum.  Whatever the material you choose, you will own an attractive item of celtic jewellery with a history of its very own.