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Before we list our stock of jewellery items we would like to point out that we never use IVORY and also have only used conflict free DIAMONDS.

Our vast range of rock jewellery, men jewellery, women jewellery at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS in detail… includes the following...
Men’s designer jewellery , Men’s gold rings, Men’s platinum rings,
Women designer jewellery, Women gold rings, Women platinum rings
hand made sterling silver rings, and silver bands, as well as plain silver bands, hand made or custom made gold rings, gold bands, platinum bands, wedding rings, engagement rings, skull rings, necklaces and pendants.
Bespoke jewellery includes, diamond rings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces, diamond studs, custom made diamond earrings. Ruby ring, ruby necklaces, and ruby earrings. Emerald rings and emerald necklaces, other precious stones are also available, like sapphire, for special pieces like sapphire rings, and necklaces, or sapphire earrings.
These are all made on a special order basis, usually best suited for gold jewellery, 9 carat or 18 carat gold, white gold jewellery, rose gold jewellery, platinum jewellery.

For many years a constant standard and classic choice has been from our extended range of SILVER JEWELLERY.
Starting with probably the best selection in the world of skull jewellery.
Over 60 designs of skull rings, skull necklaces,
Over 55 skull pendants, skull charms, skull cufflinks, skull wallet chains, skull key chains.
All these are hand made in London.
Every item we sell is manufacture on the premises at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS.
Armand SERRA created his first skull ring in the early eighties, while working in Carnaby Street, rock jewellery and skull jewellery basically was non existent.
One of the most copied skull rings is the Large Evil Skull Ring. Originally made for himself (Armand), it attracted a lot of interest from many rock musicians and friends.
CLIFF BURTON Skull Ring as well as JAMES HETHFIELD Skull Ring were made soon after using Armand’s first Evil Skull Ring and Wolf Ring.
Often copied, but never equalled CRAZY PIG DESIGNS is the “ KING of the Skull Ring ” as often labelled in Japan.
The names our skull rings have now entered the cult status
The KEITH’s RING ( not our official name)
The LEMOLA Skull Ring
The SMALL EVIL Skull Ring
or MINI EVIL Skull Ring

Also available the bespoke skull ring and skull jewellery collection, in 18 carat gold, 9 carat gold, white gold, 18 & 9 carat platinum with black diamonds, white diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, any custom combination is available as shown on our website:

As well as a large choice of three dimensional skull rings, and pendants, the traditional design of the skull & cross bones is also well catered.
You can find, skull & cross bones rings (at least 10 designs of choice) skull & cross bones pendants, skulls & cross bones bracelets, skull & cross bones cufflinks, skull chains, and skull bracelets in various sizes , from the smallest ( the size of a small bead) to the biggest , used for Skull wallet chains.

Gothic jewellery can be of the highest standard, we cover a wide range of Gothic ring, and Gothic Pendants. Also in Black ONYX rings and ONYX necklaces and Gothic style jewellery.
Classic Silver Crosses form our very Large Gothic cross pendant to the small Gothic cross, (another classic piece of gothic jewellery).

Celtic jewellery collection
A constant classic, celtic bands, celtic rings, celtic knots bracelets, celtic pendants, celtic crosses and earrings have always been part of our regular stock. Theses of course can be ordered in precious metals gold and platinium or customised to order.

The above styles are kind of main stay but there’s a lot more at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
Fleur De Lys Jewellery and classic jewellery as well as animal jewellery (featuring various animals as the design for the jewellery) the most famous being the Wolf ring that Armand made for CLIFF BURTON In the early days of jewellery design. Also world famous is JAMES HETHFIELD wolf pendant, lion ring, bear ring, pig ring, gorilla ring, tiger ring, dolphin ring, shark ring, shark pendant, and many more... (please check website or store)

Includes horseshoe ring, sacred heart, heart and wings ring, dice rings, ace of spades rings, maltese cross, music, star rings, heart, wing, feather pendants and feather earrings. Again the list is endless.